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However, we've been established since 1992, so there are reliable dating agencies you can trust. Or learn more about our full range of dating memberships.

Provide us with a few details about yourself (there's no obligation to take it further) and we will advise details of pricing and membership availability once we know we can help you.

“Websites do work and men feel happy searching the net,” she says “but you have to follow some basic rules to ensure your personal safety and you have to have a lot of time to do it properly.

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She clearly viewed me as something of a challenge and I was persuaded to have three trial dates. Date One Peter, 49, was an Oxford graduate and management consultant.He’d never married, has no kids, and financial success meant he had no need to work hard anymore.He spent two days a week teaching at a business school and was doing some charity work in between playing a lot of tennis.During my first month I went on 3 dates which was good fun.During my 2nd and 3rd months of membership very little took place.

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