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“Samoa is about to kick off the qualifying stage of their Rugby World Cup campaign, so this will make them even more dangerous.

The Samoans are always a challenge and will play with a high level of physicality and skill. "This first week has been about bringing together the players from the five different Super clubs and reintroducing them to the All Blacks way.

In 2005 one of his students, Wilhem Schaaffhausen, approached Schnoor to say his great grandfather Albert had been General Architect in Samoa.

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By the end of the 19th Century Samoans had developed a reputation for being warlike, as fights had taken place between them and the British, Germans and Americans, who wanted to use Samoa as a refuelling station for coal-fired shipping and whaling and for commodities.“He represents the story from colonialism to independence in an exemplary way.” His general interest in the colonial-era buildings designed by Schaaffhausen became more specific when he became aware older buildings in Samoa were being demolished.“I realised that the old hospital building, built in 1902, was in immediate danger of being pulled down.Research into a prominent German architect from the turn of last century led to Unitec Associate Professor Christoph Schnoor becoming involved in trying to save one Samoa’s iconic colonial buildings.It all began when Dr Christoph Schnoor decided to research the life of German colonial-era architect, Albert Schaaffhausen.

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