Nonverbal courtship dating behaviors

The patterns and kinds of movements you engage in with a partner are thought to communicate synchronicity, often implying that both of you are on the same page and on some level understand one another.In fact, studies show that the more you engage in mutual behavior patterns, the more interested you are in that other person (Grammer, Kruck, & Magnusson, 1998).

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Few researchers have sought information about the responses ad placers have received, and only one has placed a bogus ad in order to receive and examine responses.

Open smiling that shows both the upper and lower teeth, nervous fidgeting, self-grooming, and over-emphasized movements are also common among both men and women.

Recognition begins when deep eye contact is offered and accepted.

By using the one thing human beings employ instinctually, and yet consistently take for granted: nonverbal communication.

Nonverbal cues make up anywhere between 70-98 percent of our daily communication.

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