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OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL—In an effort to provide customers with the most affordable and convenient sexually explicit entertainment, Redbox on Friday debuted a new touchscreen on the back side of the automated kiosk for renting pornographic features.

WASHINGTON—Warning that a successful launch would constitute a grave threat to American population centers from coast to coast, leading analysts confirmed Wednesday that South Korea is currently developing a new pop group capable of reaching the United States.

Even though he is committing all these crimes, because he is white, because they are white crimes he is never getting in trouble.

Given the current social climate (Ferguson, Eric Garner), Dicky is pointing out disparities in society, saying that all of what he does is okay because he is white.

It’s also the only song on the chart inspired by a more than century-old play.

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Ruth B’s “Lost Boy” is easily the most unusual song on the Hot 100: when it cracked the top 50 earlier this month, it was the only unadorned piano ballad on the chart’s top half, no small feat.

After watching an episode, she headed downstairs to her keyboard. “I sang that first line out of nowhere.”Ruth is a fan of the app Vine -- especially after a spontaneous decision to post a loop of her singing the chorus to Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home,” which led to a large increase in followers.

This relationship existed, and Taylor Swift fans seem to be in agreement that these three songs are about Johnson, the lead singer of Boys Like Girls.

[Verse 1] Yeah, people acting like I ain't a fucking criminal (aight bruh) Like I ain't never doing dirt though Prolly ‘cause the way I'm doing shit is clinical Yeah But I've been putting in some work, brah I see you looking at me cynical (stop looking at me) I ain’t fucking with your smirk, hoe (it's condescending) We been doing shit despicable (no sleep) But we just keep it on the low, for example Walk in to the movie with my pants full Twix, bag of chips, plus a snapple Stealing all the shampoos from the hotel's pretty bathrooms Cheating, I've been peeking in the classroom Looking like a nice guy, till I take your motherfucking Wi-Fi And torrent every single song in my library Then I drive while very fucking high by everybody While my lady licking my five-inch dick [Hook] White crime (white crime) White crime (white crime) Yeah, we 'bout that, do a lot of dirt, never doubt that Lotta rap twerps love to shout crap Love to make they mouth flap When it come to Burd, know he spout facts You gon’ learn what I'm 'bout, brah [Verse 2] Doing business at the airport (I travel a lot for work) At security, I ain't fraught Lot of shit up in my Jan Sport Six ounce of the face wash (the limit three) My duffle bigger then what can board (That’s a big ass bag) My shuffle on during take off (she don’t know) Will I help in an emergency?

Yeah, sure Exit row, fingers straight crossed Thinking Dave's soft but I know you see me jaywalking Piss in public, no caution Halloween bucket, take one, fuck you thinking Dave was?

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