Dating females with kids

You can choose not to date women who have books, if you like.[1] You can choose not to date anyone who owns more than three pair of shoes--or anyone who owns less than seven.

You can choose not to date anyone who listens to electronica, anyone who eats venison, anyone who wears polyester, anyone who doesn't own a chainsaw.[2]You can have absolutely any criteria you like and that's okay, because your body belongs to you. [1] Though I can't personally fathom why you would.

1) Baby Damage – Birth has a traumatic effect on the female form.

Pregnancy leaves stretch marks, saggy breasts, and c-section scars.

So whether the babysitter is late, or your child is sick and you have to cancel a date, you’ll be sure that your partner is empathetic to your status as a parent.

Single Parent Dating with Elite Singles also means that you don’t waste time communicating with singles that simply aren’t willing to date single parents; so you’ll have more time and energy for genuine, long-term potentials.

This year I came home four times from college and he was in town every single time.

Realize that you’re not just forming a relationship; you’re creating a family.

That said, it's quite possible to successfully navigate her family situation.

Keeping life consistent for the kids is usually a priority of any single mom.

I’ve also heard that the nookie is even stretch out and it isn’t the same anymore. Most women NEVER LOSE IT or they never get their former hot shape back.

2) “I Can’t Find A Baby Sitter” – Women will use this as an excuse to get out of date with you or they may legitmately can’t find a baby sitter.

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